you can only do what you can do.......

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    [​IMG] you can only do what you can do.......
    dont feel guilty if you dont have funds to spend.... tailor treatment that you think will benefit your friend best. search the net for natural alternatives but above all give LOVE


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    I couldn't have said it any better. If you do chemo, you will wonder if it made your pet feel horrible and they just hid it from you. If you don't do chemo, you will wonder if you could have had your pet for longer.
    Know that whatever you choose, it is the right thing for YOUR pet and you.

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    I completely agree with what the others have said. Benny did not have chemo either and when I found this site, read Ted's book, searched the internet, I found a number of ways in which I could help my Benny without it being costly. He went into remission for 8 months before the cancer returned and had 9 more months of good living, quality life and ALL THE LOVE WE HAD TO OFFER!!! He got tired of being HUGGED!!
    "Keep on keeping on!"

    Joanne & Shadow

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