When your dog won't eat

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    This is a repost from an earlier version of this Dog Cancer Care support forum.

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    The first time my dog stopped eating I didn't know what to do. My vet told me to hand feed him and she was right. Simply putting the food in my hand and bringing it over to him made all the difference. He ate. Lots. The second time he stopped eating and wouldn't eat from my hand she suggested chicken broth (I used organic) and clear Pedialite. She said dogs hate the colored/flavored Pedialite. Again, he lapped it up for a day and then went back to regular food. By not giving up, he did't give up.


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    that sounds like a good idea..I have to hand feed my dog because the tumor is in the front of her mouth and it is hard for her to pick up food..I also give a lot of protein and even use the toddler meat sticks from Gerber to hide her pills in and that works most of the time. someone told me cheese is good to hide pills in too. We do what we can, right?
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