What's "normal" during chemo protocol

Discussion in 'Canine Lymphoma' started by Carlotta Cooper, May 13, 2017.

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    My dog Blue is about six weeks into chemotherapy for his lymphoma. The vet is using a form of the Wisconsin protocol that was given to him by the University of Tennessee. Blue had five weeks of treatments and no treatment this week (just bloodwork). My vet is out of town so I haven't gotten the results of the bloodwork back yet. Blue has been doing great this week but I noticed this morning that the lymph nodes under his jaw are starting to swell again.

    Is this normal after going over a week without the chemo treatment at this stage? Do the lymph nodes usually swell when there is a short break in treatment? He's been doing so great since he started treatment. I've been feeling optimistic that he would go into remission. I felt so awful when I found the nodes slightly swollen this morning. He's still got a great appetite and lots of energy. I'm just worried.

    He's due to get his next treatment Wednesday or Thursday. I just don't want him to get worse before then.

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