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    [​IMG] What everyone should know
    [​IMG] My baby lost her battle with cancer. She would have made it 2 years next month since her "death sentence" diagnosis. I just want to remind everyone so that you have no regrets - do what you can and do not let other people tell you things that they themselves do not know. Nobody knows your relationship with your best friend apart from you. She had a great quality of life until the last couple of days. Her whole family was with her up until the very end and they all played a special part. Take pictures, do videos, go to the park even if they can only walk a short distance, let them see beautiful things, make them roast in the crockpot, take time off work and just be with them even if you have used all of your PTO, keep loving them, and know that when the time comes that you did everything you could and also know that letting them go will be the hardest thing that you ever do. She is still my favorite and always will be.


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    My Dear Friend,
    So sorry for your loss. You had your baby girl longer than quite a few of us and I am so glad that she had the best quality of life you could offer her. 11 weeks tomorrow since Benny Boy left us.
    You are absolutely correct in everything you said. Your puppy was lucky to be a part of your life.
    These fur pals will be forever in our hearts and now they are free from earthly pain.
    God Bless you on this side of RAINBOW BRIDGE!
    Thanks for sharing!

    Joanne & Shadow (our newest canine friend)


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    Thanks Talia 22 for the post, I am sure it is a terrible time for you at the moment, but no doubt it will have been made a little easier by knowing that you took the time to do all the things you mentioned.

    I have learnt to do all this now, we lost Missy that quickly,there wasnt time to do enough. But the good thing is that I now know to take/make the time, and to try and intervene before anything happens to my boys. They have always been spoilt, but now more so than ever. The biggest thing I have learnt is to change their diet, I am now that much of an advocate about the food we are feeding our animals I tell everyone that I meet to change the diet of their animals. [​IMG] I think people are sick of me to be honest. [​IMG]

    But it is great you had all that time to prepare and make the most of with your girl. Thanks for sharing the great advice. I for one will make sure I follow it.
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