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    Hello everyone,
    My 10 year old Golden Labrador Sandy was diagnosed with Lymphoma Late November last year with treatment starting 1st week December with Vincristine Soln intravenous application. Within a week her back leg lymph nodes lumps had contracted dramatically giving me a great deal of hope. Side effects that week were minimal.
    The second week session was with the oral Cyclophosphamide to which she did not react very well with vomiting and loos of appetite for 3 days. Sandy lost some 5 kilos during these two treatments but started eating again 3 days later with a huge appetite putting on 2 kilos within a week.
    Now her third treatment this week of Vincristine is having nausea effect and she is not holding down her food.
    I am a bit worried that she will go backwards again with her weight and weaken off.
    Another problem I have is that her pet insurance will not cover the treatments as they say the dog is over the age of 9 and therefore this illness is not covered, what a blow this is also to us.
    Has anyone experienced these problems as well and have Labradors had a good recovery from Lymphoma?

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