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    Hello, I am not sure if I should be here or in a shrink's office, because I feel I am going insane. Maybe no one will ever read this, but I need to let it out.

    In August 2017 my (then) 7year old Dachschund Lisa had her first unilateral radical mastectomy, on her left side, because of 3 tiny nodules which came out to be carcinosarcomas. I first noted one the winter before, but I was alarmed only when 2 other appeared, while the first one had not changed at all and did not feel like adhered, if that makes sense. That was her 3rd surgery that year (she was spayed and had a inguinal hernia fixed in Feb. She also had puppies 2 times in her life, if that is of any relevance). She healed great, her x-rays looked decent, her prognosis was good - she got grade 1 at histopathologic exam. She then had a reaction to some stitches under her skin and were taken out. In December I found another tiny thing on her right side. I have no idea if it appeared after the first surgery or it was there and I just did not feel it, because all of them were pepper size, the biggest was like a pea (on her left side). So there she got her second radical mastectomy, 2 months ago. Her x-ray this time was not very clear, so everyone was reserved to say if it is or it is not metastasis. Now again some reactions to stitches, but they seem to get out by themselves at this point.

    Other than that, she healed really well, she looks alright, is playing, her fur looks perfect. I see her 'sad' sometimes, but I am thinking it may be due to the stitch reactions...I do not know... She does not cough, she eats well.

    I know it might seem strange, but even if she had the surgeries 'on time' - if there is such thing in cancer, she is on meds and seems fine and healthy, I feel I am in a crucial point when things might turn bad. I feel I am going nuts inside and I am very very anxious all the time. I know I did all I could until now, I took her to the most amazing doctors, she is loved and has everything a dog could ever need, quality food and walks and everything, but I just can't seem to be able to accept the fact that I might just lose her. I feel it is unfair for her to die from anything else than old age. She is the best dog someone could ask for, on every aspects.

    I am scared to take her to another x-ray, because they might tell me what I do not want to hear. I see she is fine, but then all the bad thoughts come to my mind day and night. Her doc basically sees her every 2 weeks for a thing or another and he says she looks great, but I am so scared that any minute things could change for bad.

    I do not know how to deal with to cope with it and accept some things.

    Dogs just deserve better...

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