Lymphoma Relapse

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    We have a Boxer who is currently 7 years old. In April this year she was diagnosed with B-cell Lymphoma. She was treated with a sandwich regime that involved 3 cycles of chemo (Vincristine, Cyclophosphamide, L-aspariginase, Doxyrubicin) then 6Gy half body XRT followed by 3 further cycles of same chemo.

    There was marked reduction in submandibular nodes after first cycle of chemo. She tolerated the XRT quite well and achieved complete remission. She completed her last cycle of chemo about 8 weeks ago.

    Unfortunately on this weekend just gone we noticed enlargement of her submandibular nodes again. She has seen her Vet Specialist today who clinically believes she has relapsed and tomorrow we will get the results of an FNA biopsy.

    My dilemma is that if she responded so well to first line chemo and them relapsed by 8 weeks she has relatively resistant lymphoma. The Vet Specialist has encouraged us to give her salvage chemo however, I am doubting the logic of going onto second line/salvage chemo with maybe a 50% response and even if she does achieve remission, it's likely to be very short lived, maybe just a few weeks. This is extrapolating from my limited knowledge of human B-cell lymphoma. Whether the same applies to dogs I don't know but from what I am reading it does.

    If my assumptions from what I am reading are true and if I personally were in the same position, I would be very disinclined to have several months of chemo to maybe get a few weeks in remission.
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    I'm so sorry you're fur baby relapsed so fast :( With everything I've read that's a short remission :(
    Have you looked into "alternativ" cancer treatment?
    I diden't want to put my almost 13 y old dog through cemo, so I have him on a diet and some supplements.
    He's only been on the diet for 14 days, but his energy level is already higher and we can go for walks every day + play.
    The book in the picture is were I got my information. It was an interesting read and very helpfull! It's a e-kindle book that only costs 10 $
    I don't have any help from a vet, since dog cancer in norway only gets treated with cemo/radiation. But I've read that it's easier to find a holistic veterinary in the States.
    I hope you're baby pulls through and you get more time together ❤

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