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    [​IMG] Live in the moment
    The best advice I can give anyone going thru this is to live in the moment. Take and enjoy every second you can with your pet. When you get a pet you begin a journey with them, you will have lots of memories and fun with them along the way. Take many pictures of them and do all the things they like to do. Spoil them rotten.
    Rene, Bailey,Angel, Dolce and Jim Remembering "Daddy's girl Dasha"


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    [​IMG] Jim
    Dear Jim,
    This is the BEST ADVICE you could give. Thank you for being able to join this group again so quickly after losing your beloved Dasha. I know your heart is breaking as mine is but we cannot bring them back. We can only go forward and try and learn what they taught us to "Live in the MOMENT" and remember the good times and there were so many.

    God Bless you and Rene and Bailey,
    Love & Prayers,


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