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    The best dog cancer "advice" I ever got, was early on in Marty's care,
    from a holistic pet store owner who told me...

    "Ignore everything your vet told you - because he has no idea
    what he's talking about!!"

    It was shocking - but at the time, it was something I needed to hear.

    Because at the time, my vet was telling me that my dog Marty
    was going to die in 3 to 6 months - and that there was nothing
    I could do to help him live longer...

    But my pet store friend told me, "I'm going to show you what to do
    to help Marty - and he's going to live way longer than your vet
    thinks possible"

    And for the first time, she gave me hope.

    And with her advice, Marty and I started our fight back against
    his cancer.

    And along the way I came across other vets, who really did know
    what they were talking about - and who helped me put together
    a treatment plan to care for my boy.

    A plan that kept Marty with me, not just for 3 to 6 months
    as his first vet predicted, but for 18 full wonderful months together.

    So my best advice to you, always, is that if your vet ever tells you
    that your dog is going to die, and that there's nothing you can
    do about it...

    "Ignore everything he says - because he has no idea what he's
    talking about"

    There are things you can do to help your dog (that's what you
    came here to learn), and no matter how much education or
    experience your vet may have, nobody can predict when or how
    your dog is going to die.

    Remember that always...,
    for the sake of your dog.

    Ted Schneck
    in loving memory of Marty (the Wonderdog)
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    There's ALWAYS hope. I've learned that after reading all the story's off dogs living longer than the vet said they would.
    My vet actually DIDEN'T say how much time we had left with Odin.
    She told me that research says they have 1-2 months to live after they get the diagnosis, but that was NOT her experience, so she diden't want to give us an experasion date.
    We are only 1 month in after the first vet app were they said he might have lymphoma. But he's still going strong, so I'm hoping it will last ❤

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