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    This is a repost from an earlier version of this Dog Cancer Care support forum.
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    [​IMG] Keep a diary
    The best thing I did was keep a diary. I kept an spreadsheet showing date, time & comments. As your dog starts new medicines you should record daily what their behavior is energy level, appetite etc. Whenever the Vet asks you when did a certain behavior start if it isn't documented it is hard to remember.
    It also helps when you have your vet appointment - print off when you have recorded that way they can see what you are noticing. You may also forget to tell them something but if it is written down they will see it.
    If you have an emergency you want to be able to give all the facts however as it is difficult to remember things in a stressful situation. With your diary you won't leave out important details.

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    I have a diary were I write down every meal and his weight every sunday. But I see I should take notes on behavior/energy as well :) Thx for the tip! :)
    (He's not on meds, but a stricked diet with supplements)

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