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    Hi Group,

    My dog Jezebelle recently exhibited a growth on her upper rib (floating rib), left side. Today, Aug 16, the vet aspirated the hard mass. She couldn't give a definitive DX ... she is sending the slide off to a lab ... but said she thought it was malignant. Since the growth grew quickly that seems likely.

    Earlier this year, Jezebelle had a growth surgically removed from a third eyelid; it was melanoma. My vet thought she got the entire growth. The vet doesn't think the current mass is melanoma.

    I am starting to do research on different types of cancers and their treatments and find oncology specialists in my state. That is how I came across your site. After joining I was encouraged to introduce myself. So here I am, at the start of the journey without a firm diagnosis.

    Jezebelle is a golden retriever mix with vestibular disease but otherwise seemed healthy until now. If anyone has any suggestions at this point I'd love to hear them. Otherwise I will check in once the lab results are in.

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