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    Hi, and Welcome to the "Advice" section.

    This section is an experiment...

    It is NOT your typical forum to discuss dog cancer
    questions and treatment options...

    Instead it' a community "advice" column - a place to share
    your best tips or wisdom about Dog Cancer Care
    for other dog owners to use...

    (Note: For questions and discussions about various treatment
    options, please use the category forum sections in the
    "Questions / Answers" area of this website...)

    Please create a new thread for each new "tip" that you'd like
    to share.

    And as you create your post, consider answering the following

    "What is the "single" best piece of advice that you would give
    someone who just found out her dog has cancer...?"

    Maybe it's the best advice anyone ever gave you for your dog...

    Or maybe it's something you learned caring for your dog that
    you "wish" someone had told you when you first started...

    Share it, so everyone else can learn from what you've been through -
    and find some wisdom along the way...

    Ted Schneck
    - Ted Schneck
    in loving memory of Marty (the Wonderdog)
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