Hi - I am Cathy and my dog is Kingsford (like the charcoal brand)

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    My name is Cathy, and my dog's name is Kingsford.

    He is a 10 year old Black-Lab looking dog, but... I strongly suspect that he has
    a portion of Flat Coated retriever in him.
    I began fostering him for a rescue group, and... when the sad fact of nobody
    wanting him (at least in the sphere of influence of that particular rescue
    group) eventually set in, I took him off the auction block.
    I am fairly certain this is a common scenario.

    I think the best way of showing Kingsford's situation, is... in timeline
    format, because... things just progressed so quickly, it made my head spin.

    My dog had surgery to remove a growth in the small intestine, after I
    brought him to my regular primary vet (not holistic), complaining of loss of
    appetite, and vomiting frequently.
    This growth had been obstructing his digestive tract, causing the vomiting
    and lack of appetite.

    I learned the growth was Adenocarcinoma

    Called local Veterinary Oncology Hospital for a consultation

    Had consultation.
    Was informed that clean margins were not achieved from the
    removal of the tumor, and that with what was seen on the biopsy,
    it was 'getting ready to spread' if it hadn't already.

    Second surgery with intention of achieving clean margins, but...
    when the surgeon looked inside his abdomen, he saw many white 'spots'
    or 'plaques' scattered around the intestines and abdominal wall.
    He informed me that the term for this was 'Carcinomatosis'.
    None of this was noted during the original surgery--- just the original

    I laid out the timeline, because... I am just astonished at how quickly
    this condition went from a singular tumor, to... the beginnings of multiple
    tumors throughout the general vicinity.

    Another thing that really stands out with this particular form of Cancer that
    my dog has...
    It just seems so rare.
    When I go and do searches on the internet--- I see peoples' stories (on this
    community, and miscellaneous other places), and... I don't think I saw one that
    was even close to this one.
    Seems like lymphoma and osteosarcoma were ones that I came across more frequently
    than others.

    One more note of desperation - I was given, basically, NO OPTIONS by the conventional
    Oncologist - NOT EVEN CHEMO. They said it would make little difference, and... they
    are giving that very infamous 'expiraton date' of a few months.

    I guess I'll leave it there, for now, except to say...
    I really want to thank Ted for compiling all of the information that he has, and paying
    such attention to detail for many aspects of everything he has put together.
    Just one example is:
    When you purchase the 'Essential supplement it' from the website he has...
    When it arrives, it comes with a very clear printout of what dosage of each supplement
    your dog should have (by weight---and he even BOLDS the weight that you specify
    on your order !!!!!).
    I just had to show my appreciation for this, because I am a person who appreciates
    detail so much, that... I get ripped for it all of the time at my job.

    I apologize for the length of this post - believe it or not, this one version whittled down.
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