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    Hi my beautiful big boy Alfie (chocolate Labrador) turned 8 today. I found out just yesterday he has lymphoma, he went in for his biopsy today. I am shocked, in disbelief, denial and absolutely devastated that my baby has this terrible thing, which I hadn't even heard of in my life until yesterday and I have had dogs all my
    Life!!! I really need some help please. I thought he had been stung by a wasp as his face was swollen, that's the first sign of anything out of the ordinary with him. Apparently the vet says it is pretty aggressive and I won't find out for another 5 days what stage it's at, however he had a scan done of his stomach and it appears his spleen is affected already by it. The waiting is horrendous I can't eat or sleep and just keep thinking I have left him too late to get any treatment. Does anyone have any info pls about this spleen situation and the fact that the vet said he has haemorrhaged on the lymph nodes at the front of his chest? Also he is breathing really heavily and is panting constantly. I am not ready for my boy to go yet I really can't bear it:(

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