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    Nov 4, 2015
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    My Lena is taking piroxicam as prescribed by her vet. Her initial reaction was a black tarry liquidy stool. However, it did seem to help with her constant feeling of having to urinate. We added misoprostal to help with the bloody stools, but it seemed counter productive to the piroxicam. Her stools went back to normal and we discontinued the misoprostal. Here stools have stayed good. She is also on 4 multivitamins per day. She will be 11 in Feb but still acts like a much younger dog. She does tire more quickly. I am going to try adding colustrum to her diet. She was diagnosed on Oct 22nd. I'll advise if I see any changes from adding the colustrum. If any one has experience with bladder cancer, pls share your knowledge? Thank you.

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