Energy Level Ups and Downs when Fighting Canine Cancer

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    Today my little man (mosey) is awake and looking around but he does not want to move. Its been 2 hours since we woke up and he is still in bed. I am making him as comfy as possible and have fed him as he lay there (no loss of appetite).

    Last night he was full of energy, wagging his tail, giving snuggles etc, now he wont move.

    Is this normal?

    He was diagnosed with high grade lymphoma less than a week ago and we are yet to start chemo even (scheduled for 3 days time)

    Am i being selfish keeping him going, am i prematurely thinking that he is losing the battle?

    The emotions are clouding my thoughts. My main goal is that he not suffer.

    This is the worst experience of my life. I wish he could talk to me.
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    Hi Stacey,

    Regarding Mosey's weakened state, and energy level ups and downs..., yes this is generally normal.

    Cancer is a powerful disease, and it takes a lot of strength and energy for your dog to fight it, and that can be very draining for him. So yes, these energy drains can definitely be part of his normal healing process. When my dog Marty was fighting his cancer, he would go for days sometimes just curled up in a corner and resting. And for the most part that was just his way of healing.

    So while it's never great to see your dog acting tired and weak, know that this could all be just part of the overall healing process.

    Furthermore, when dogs fight cancer, they often go through many phases - times when they swing back and forth between active and exhausted. That too is natural. I always tell clients who I coach and who read my book to expect these variations from hour-to-hour, and day-to-day. Our goal isn't to make our dogs feel great 100% of the time - that's just not possible - but to keep the DIRECTION of the overall healing process moving in the right direction over time.

    Don't focus on how he feels today vs. tomorrow... Instead focus on whether he seems to be getting healthier overall, or seems to be steadily declining. If he's getting healthier, then keep doing what you're doing and hopefully those improvements will continue over time. But if he's getting worse over time, then consider making shifts and adjustments to hopefully turn things around and help him feel better again.

    I hope this helps.

    Ted Schneck
    Founder of these Dog Cancer Care forums
    and author of the book "Fighting Canine Cancer"
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