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Discussion in 'Your Best Dog Cancer Advice...' started by Ted Schneck (Founder), Feb 27, 2016.

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    [​IMG] Diet
    I think the best advice I got was regarding diet. I read online that cancers feed off of carbohydrates, and that by feeding my dog a high protein/low carb diet, it might help starve the cancer. I didn't get this advice from either of the two vets that I took her to in the first week of her diagnosis, including a veterinary oncologist! But thanks to that info from the web, I knew to ask the onocologist about it, who agreed. I put her on a high protein/low carb diet that very day. And while I'll never know if that helped her to fight the cancer or not, I believe that it did. She is still with me, 12 months after original diagnosis, and I am so grateful for every day I have with her.
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    I have my dog on a similar diet.
    He gets gluten free oatmeal in the morning with blueberries, olive oil, ginger and curcumin. The rest of his meals are high protein + veggies and curcumin.
    I'm hoping it will give us more time :)
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    Did you do chemo along with the diet?

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