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    I am have a 17.5 year old male jack russell (tyson). About 2 to 3 months ago, we noticed a sudden decrease in tyson's appetite (he has historically been obsessed with eating. We also notice some weight loss, blood in his feces, frequent vomiting (sometimes blood and foam). It is obvious at times he is uncomfortable and nauseous. He sometimes paces, pants or shakes. Other times he is just lethargic. We took him to the vet several times with the most recent yesterday. The vet did blood work and said it was mostly normal. His physical examination concluded, "significant diffuse intestinal thickening, suspected mid-abdominal mass effect, suspected mesenteric lymphadenopathy Intestinal thickness: palpably thickened". We did not opt for a endoscopic exam to confirm any diagnose based on the recommendation by the vet that regardless of the outcome, the treatment would not likely change (i.e. he is too old to be treated with chemo/surgery, etc.). The vet sent us home with some medication to treat an ulcer and also a steroid to be administered after we finish treating the ulcer. The vet concluded that it is likely that tyson has intestinal disease. What is the likelihood that this is cancer? My wife and I are struggling with how we should handle this situation because we both agree that we do not want tyson to suffer. The vet said that it didn't appear to him that tyson was hurting although he acknowledge that he obviously does feel good. Thoughts?

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