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    [​IMG] Canned Lovelies
    My holistic vet concurred, canned fish is good for cancer dogs.

    I have been preparing ground meat/fruit/veggie mixes for my girl on a regular basis. My vet tells me that fish is good for cancer babies as well as it is for humans. Lots of Omega-3's and canned fish has an added bonus, bones.

    Madchen loves canned mackeral. It's cheap, makes a nice quick meal and has the added calcium of the bones being included.

    It's stinky, dreadful and good for our babies. They might think about rolling in it, but in the end, they'll eat it.

    One more arrow in our quiver.

    Madchen's Mom, Jackie


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    [​IMG] Fish
    Yes, fish is wonderful for our puppies with cancer. Benny ate lots of canned salmon, fresh Atlantic salmon cooked gently in a little olive oil and sardines and once in awhile fresh "Sushi grade" tuna done for 1 minute on each side....a real delicacy.

    Omega-3 is good for both humans and animals and really boosts the immune system and fights against diseases like cancer, diabetes, heart disease etc.

    Blessings, Joanne
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    How much omegas do you give a dog?

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