Cane Corso Osteosarcoma.. radiation but what else? please help

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    Mar 27, 2018
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    Hello everyone, the love of my life, a 7 year old Cane Corso named beau was diagnosed with Osteosarcoma about 3 weeks ago. My husband and I went on vacation and Beau went to Grandmas and Grandpas for a sleep over. When we returned we noticed a mass on his front right leg and he was limping a little. We visited the vet and she told us it was likely just a sprain. A week later, the swelling wasnt going down and we retuned to the vet for xrays where she discovered that the "sprain" was infact Osteosarcoma. It felt like my world is coming down around me. We are visting the University of Guelph( in Ontario) Animal Cancer Centre once a week where he is receiving radiation.

    I am unsure as to what else to do for him to help with the longevity and comfort of his time left with me.
    This dog is everything to me and I will do anything that is possible. I am not considering amputation as he is a big boy and i feel that is not an option i would like to explore. Any information, guidance, and suggestions would be greatly appreciated! here is some info about him
    Breed: Cane Corso
    Age: 7
    Weight: 177lbs
    Diet: Grain-free kibble
    Medications: Metacam, Tram and Gabepentin
    *trying 3 fish oils per day as well as glucosamine

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    Hi Melissa, just wondering how you & Beau went with this?
    We’re in exactly the same position with our boy Nos who is 7 yo. Nos is also to big for us to consider amputation or any kind of surgery, we have decided to start radiation therapy this week to help with pain relief.
    Any other recommendations would be appreciated? We will be making changes to his diet, following on from the research we’ve done and other recommendations we’ve read in forums like this.
    Any advice is appreciated:)

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