Basal Epithelial Cell Tumor

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    I first want to thank Ted Schneck for starting this web page and open forum as it is such a wonderful way to stay connected with people who are experiencing the same unfortunate scenarios with our pets/family members. Recently I was made aware that my 12yr old Maggie (chocolate lab) has a "basal epithelial cell tumor" in her neck. My vet gave me a 6th month death sentence. I was told my options were surgery and medication which would only probably allow the tumor to come back at a doubled rate and still only give her a 6th month life span. After completely shutting myself down for a whole day in gloom and doom, I decided the next day I was going to do something about it in a more holistic approach. I fell upon the Fighting Canine Caner Book and immediately started an active approach to defy the odds. For me, there were/are no signs of cancer in Maggie, which made it such a blow to my world. She is an active, happy, high maintenance lab who would eat all day long if you allowed her to. Just yesterday she was keeping up with our other 9yr old lab by catching a Frisbee in the yard. So with a quick glimpse of what is going on with me and my sweet "pup" I find myself here on this forum today reaching out to anyone who can provide "help" in any form. So far, in an almost two week time frame Ive changed her food to Orajin Senior, she munches on celery and blueberries as a snack and she's on 4 tables a day of K9 Immunity Plus. The vet gave me a two week dose of Rimadyl but after reading more about it today I am discontinuing immediately based on the terrible side effects I'm learning about. My main question for today is about possible successful anti-inflammatory options out there that I can give in place of Rimadyl. Has anyone found something that is complimentary to the benefits of K9 immunity plus or just in general? Any information that can be provided would be much appreciated!

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