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    Hi all,
    Just been reading through numerous posts and sadly not much has changed since I first found this site seven years ago. Our most beloved pets are still getting cancer at a rapid rate. The reason I first came to this site was our golden, Missy, almost eight years of age was diagnosed with cancer and gone with four days of diagnosis. I then armed myself with as much knowledge as I could, thanks to this site and hours and hours of research. My research led me to discover that I thought I was a responsible caring pet owner, but in reality I had been doing so many things wrong. My attitude towards the care of my remaining dogs changed, and I was determined that the foods I fed them and the flea control and vaccine medications would change. And it did. Six months after loosing Missy a snake bite claimed my beautiful ten year old golden Jack. Life was totally miserable but I continued with my changed ways.

    Just fourteen weeks ago, after battling cancer for almost six months I lost my best friend, my 14yo Lab Toby, something that I don't think I will come to terms with for a long long time. Then two weeks ago our 7yo black retriever Charlie was diagnosed with Lymphoma, and given 3-5 months. So the battle continues. This time I am even more determined about the food she is eating, and there is definitely not even a small amount of commercial dog food allowed in her diet at all. Veggies and meat and chicken and fish only. As well as very expensive supplements that I can source in Australia, and countless hours and hours of reading and research. I am not expecting to beat the cancer, I am just hoping that we can give Charlie and the family more time together, and along the way increase our knowledge in an effort to keep our other pups healthy and happy. On a happier note we still have a 16.6 yo golden called Jill, so it hasn't been all gloom and doom. So I just hope that everyone here avails themselves to all the knowledge that is available, and from that they are able to keep their beloved dogs with them for a bit longer. Canine cancer is something that appears to be part of the modern world but I do think that if we change our ways and increase our knowledge about what is happening with the health of our animals we can eventually all have our beautiful families with us a little longer.
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    Thank you for your messages Debbie. I'm so sorry to hear about Charlie, but grateful that you've got more resources at your disposal to help him fight back and stay strong.

    Have you been working at all with Robert McDowell in Australia. he has an excellent line of dog cancer supplements and I always recommend him as a resource for my friends and clients who live in Australia.

    You can find him via his website at:

    I hope that helps. Please let me know how everything goes, and if there's ever anything else we can do to help you and Charlie.

    Ted Schneck
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    what is the
    supplements that you source from Australia?

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