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    [​IMG] Advice on giving pills
    I haven't even introduced myself on this site yet but I didn't want to waste anytime giving this tip. I heard this from someone in my dog's Oncology office and it has been a HUGE life saver for me and so much less stress on my dog (Nala, a red min pin with Lymphoma). I was having a hard time giving her pills and capsules.... she shares her food with my Pug (Furio) so putting anything in her food was out of the question, I would be able to get a pill or two into her but once she got wise to what I was doing she wouldn't take anything from me...even Filet Mignon...she can be stubborn. So I was getting very frustrated because I knew I had to get these pills and capsules into her and using a syringe was stressing us both out. So my tip is....... put your pills, butter. You only need a little bit, just enough to cover the pill and they will eat it right up. She tries sometimes to spit back out the pill but with the butter everything just slides right down her throat and she cannot fight it. It is so easy and pleasant now to give her pills.

    I hope this can help someone else out [​IMG]
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