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Thank you so much. I apologize about the check. Oct 15, 2015

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Aug 17, 2018
    1. TheCure
      Are you still around?
    2. Max's Dad
      Max's Dad
      PART 5:
      *prostate cancer

      Obviously, the other alternative is to skip rad/chemo and go 110% with the homeopathic care. Since this is an aggressive cancer is it best to knock it on its heals and then do homeopathic care to build his immune system back up and attack it as I just have no idea with this type of cancer if starting with homeopathic care can attack it immediately before it spreads?
    3. Max's Dad
      Max's Dad
      PART 4: Max is doing fine right now and I don't see any worrying signs (other than maybe he seems to be drinking somewhat more water than usual) so I want to fight but not sure what to do. Any thoughts would be immensely appreciated.

      Ps: sorry for the long text :)
    4. Max's Dad
      Max's Dad
      PART 3: I've already talked to one of the vets in Rhode Island that was on your recommended list and she'll see Max on Friday if the biopsy comes back positive but I'm just worried that I'm going to get pulled by the oncologist in one direction and the AVH vet in the other still leaving me racked with indecision and fear.
    5. Max's Dad
      Max's Dad
      PART 2: I feel frozen with indecision and not sure if I should go all in with homeopathic care or if I should go with radiation (I'm assuming that's what they'll suggest anyway) in order to give the cancer a fast and hard punch in the nose and then go 110% all in with the suggestions in your book.
    6. Max's Dad
      Max's Dad
      PART 1: Ted, do you know anything about prorate cancer? We may have caught Max's cancer on the early side but I know it's an aggressive cancer. I haven't got the results of the biopsy yet but I'm really worried. I bought your book yesterday and read the whole thing. The test was done not at my regular vet but at an animal oncologist office.
    7. Ted Schneck (Founder)
      Ted Schneck (Founder)
      Thank you so much. I apologize about the check.
    8. Ted Schneck (Founder)
      Ted Schneck (Founder)
      Thank you so much. I apologize about the check.
    9. Adorasmama
      You havent submitted my check for payment. For your book.
      The book is awesome. I'm sure itll be very much more helpful when I have to deal with Adora's demise. And palliative care.
      She was a life saver. I thought
      I couldnt live without Rosie
      But Adora is an Angel.
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