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  1. gilbert
    new member here. I have an 11 year old Golden Retriever just finished chemo but is now loosing left legs function, any ideas ?
  2. Mz. Mary
    Mz. Mary
    He is a Rat Terrier. Maxwell's Vet said it is cancer. Not only does he have a large tumor on his thigh, he also has a few in his body.
  3. lindag
    My Standard Poodle Guido is 10 years old and has Lymphoma. We are on week 3nof chemo Madison Wisconsin Protocol. Are having ups and downs .
  4. Peggy VerMulm
    Peggy VerMulm
    New Member
    1. Peggy VerMulm
      Peggy VerMulm
      My dog is Hooch. A year ago he was diagnosed with Hemangeosarcoma. I have done what I could do keep him happy and as healthy as possible. I think he is nearing the end. I fed him one time a high protein diet and he has had diarrhea for iver 2 days. Anyone else see this end stage?
      Aug 20, 2017
  5. Lucy Johnson
    Lucy Johnson
    Hi. My name is Lucy and my dog is Layla. Layla is a female 7 year old South African Boerboel with Osteosarcoma of the right elbow.
  6. ali hassani
    ali hassani
    Hello Freinds
  7. adnamsgirl1973
    Caring for my Weimaraner who has Lymphoma in her last days.
    1. 4-year old Bruno
      4-year old Bruno
      how is she doing? My Bruno is part Weimaraner. Sending you some good hugs.
      Jun 12, 2017
  8. Elaine
    New member
  9. Zeppe's mom
    Zeppe's mom
    Zeppe was put to sleep March 16th
    1. HollisL
      I am so sorry to hear of your loss
      Apr 24, 2017
    2. Peggy VerMulm
      Peggy VerMulm
      So sorry to hear this sad news
      Aug 20, 2017
  10. niluraj01
    I just wanted to say hi and introduce myself.
  11. Laura1982
    Hi... kia was diagnosed with lythoma yesterday after visiting the vets about severe fatigue and weight loss. Vet have said 6weeks maxI mum x
  12. Dawn Bynum
    Dawn Bynum
    Hello my name is Dawn, our 10 yo French bulldog was diagnosed with a brain tumor and we were told she has 4 months to live. We are very sad.
  13. Jess
    Just got biopsy results showing our 3 year old has lymphoma. :(
    Our Cody had a sarcoma removed from his knee on the 10th...we have lost two corgi's before to cancer and I don't want t to lose Cody.
  15. lynne
    Hi Our dog Penny was diagnosed with stage 3 lymphoma yesterday. She is 9 1/2 years old.
  16. Edwin
    Peanut was diagnosed with stage 3 Lymphoma on Sept 13th 2016. I rate the dog cancer network at 10 plus
  17. LoriDee
    Bailey is 14 (born on Valentine's Day), and has lymphoma. Just want her to be happy and comfortable. For as long as possible!
  18. Priscilla Ihle
    Priscilla Ihle
    Hi, My name is Priscilla and I am from Dallas, TX and this is My Precious Boy, Buddy
  19. Crystal
    Looking for ways to make my baby feel better.
  20. Cynthia
    Hi I am new to the group and have some questions.